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Anti-Sexual Harassment Training
Fully Compliant Training For California Business

Our Anti-Sexual Harassment Training Course is Valid for All California Workers for Both 1-Hour Employee & 2-Hour Supervisor Training. New Year Special Only $10.00 per employee

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Who Is Required To Take Anti-Sexual Harassment Training?

Due to changes in law and the #metoo movement if your organization has employees in these states you are required provide sexual harassment training every 2 years for all employees. California: AB 1825, AB 2053, SB 396, SB 1300, SB 1343

Two Hour Supervisor Anti-Sexual Harassment Training

If your company has 5+ employees (including part-time, freelance or seasonal) your supervisor are legally required to take every two years a two-hour supervisors sexual harassment training course.

Anti-Sexual Harassment Prevention Courses

Our employee sexual harassment prevention courses will teach individuals what sexual harassment is, how it pertains to the work environment, and the ways to report and prevent it.

Keep your business complaint to new Anti-Sexual Harassment Laws

Self-Paced Online Course

Created by HR Professionals and legal experts, our training courses for individuals and supervisors cover key federal discrimination and harassment laws in a mobile-friendly, self-paced course. Upon completion of the course, each employee will receive a completion certificate.

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Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment Issues

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Our goal is to keep employees and employers in compliant with new laws, including California’s new S.B. 1343 sexual harassment training requirements. It’s easy to get started and each employee can create their own unique account.  We offer discounted rates for bulk credit purchases designed for employers with as few as 5 employees up to 500.

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Samantha P. - Business Owner

With all the new Sexual Harassment Laws in California, it's great to know my employees are empowered, and our company is covered. Your course made it easy for our employees and managers to stay compliant.

Petter S. - Employee

I found the course to be very informative and educational. It was a huge plus that I was able to complete the sexual harassment training on my own time, and that by taking the course, it did NOT take me out of the field where I could have possibly lost out on making a sale.

Elias M. - Employee

I finally feel like we are being heard! It is absolutely amazing that my entire company is now more aware of sexual harassment and the personal struggles it causes in the workplace. I feel more comfortable working with my co-works knowing they have all taken this course.

Howard T. - Supervisor

Wow, just wow. Thanks to the two-hour supervisor's course I feel like I can handle these uncomfortable situations better for both the employees that work under me and for my employer. I just wish we would have done this years ago!

Your Online Sexual Harasment HR Training Solution

  • Compliant with SB 1343
  • Start & Stop Course Anytime
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Instant Completion Certificate
  • Educational & Interactive
  • Backed by HR Professionals