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Harassment Prevention Consultants

Many business owners in California and a few select states are just learning about the new sexual harassment laws that their company will need to comply with starting January 1st, 2020.  A major component to this law is that any sexual harassment training must be done licensed or qualifying trainer. If this step is not taken seriously to could potentially cost a company millions of dollars in law-suites down the road.

So what is a Anti-Sexual Harassment Prevention Consultants?

Let us start off with a peice of mind, if you are taking or have taken our Anti-Sexual Harassment Prevention course you were trained by a qualified Harassment Prevention Consultant, and part of the course fee initials you or your employees that to cour

“Human resource professionals” or “harassment prevention consultants” working as employees or independent contractors with a minimum of two or more years of practical experience in one or more of the following: a. designing or conducting discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment prevention training; b. responding to sexual harassment complaints or other discrimination complaints; c. conducting investigations of sexual harassment complaints; or d. advising employers or employees regarding discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment prevention,

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