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Frequently Asked Questions

Are My Employees Required To Have Anti-Sexual Harassment Prevention?

Due to changes in law, if your organization has employees in these states, you are required to have sexual harassment training every 2 years for all employees.

  • California: AB 1825, AB 2053, SB 396, SB 1300, SB 1343
  • Connecticut: Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunity Act
  • Delaware: HB 360
  • Maine: Maine Employment Laws Revised Statute, Title 26, Section 807
  • New York: New York Human Rights Law § 296.1, New York City Stop Anti-Sexual Harassment Act

Can I Take The Course From Any Computer or Device?

Yes, you can take our online sexual harassment prevention courses from any computer with internet access. We have also designed our course to be mobile-friendly for your employee convenience.

How Long Do The Courses Take?

All courses are self-paced but employees are required to complete the minimum about of time required by state law to satisfy legal requirements. Employees & supervisors are NOT forced to take the course all at one time and may elect to complete section by section and come and go anytime with 24/7 365 access.

Do I Have to Complete the Course in One Sitting or All at One Time?

No, with our course you can complete your sexual harassment training on your schedule, at your pace. Enjoy 24/7 365 unlimited access. We even track and save your progress for you to keep you compliant.

How Do I Pay for Your Courses?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can pay online with a credit card or ATM/Debit card with any of these logos. Paying by phone is an option with a LIVE California-based phone support agent Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm PST. You may also pay by Cashiers Check or Money Order if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Do You Offer Bulk Employee Discounts?

Yes, you may purchase credits in bulk for all of our classes. Credits may then be handed out to your employees who enroll in our course.

How Does the California Sexual Harassment Training Course Work?

Our online sexual harassment training course is broken up into convenient sections based on state-required topics. After each section, the employee is required to complete a few multiple-choice questions based on written and/or video information presented in that section. Upon completion of all sections, your employee will be presented with a Proof of Completion certificate.

Is the Entire Website Secure?

Yes, the ENTIRE website is secure. Notice the “Lock” icon in the address URL bar window.

Are There Any Computer Requirements or Downloads?

In order to complete our course, we recommend a computer with the following minimum browser requirements: Internet access with at least a 56K modem, and we highly-recommend that you use the latest version of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. If you choose to use Internet Explorer, it must be version 11.0 or Edge. You may also use any tablet, phone, kindle, android, or whatever device you use. Our course works on every modern device!

Could My Employees Fail The Course?

No, your employees have unlimited retakes of each quiz until they pass. So long as they complete each section, they are guaranteed to pass and receive a certificate of completion.

What if My Employee Doesn't Have an Email Address?

We require that each employee has a unique email address. They may use a personal email to create their account if necessary, they can also create a free email address from any email providers. If you feel the need to create accounts for your employees who don’t have email addresses, please email our support team and we will find a solution for you.

What if I Don't Know My Username?

Use the “I forgot my username” button on the login page. We will email it to you, provided we get a match. If you don’t get an email from us with 5 minutes, please be sure to check your spam, blocked, or “junk” email folders. We may be filtered out.

Your Online Sexual Harasment HR Training Solution

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